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India Travels

I recently caught myself looking through some old Blackberry (RIP) pics that I taken whilst traveling through Delhi last year.  I can't get enough of India.  So much to see and learn and connect with.  Here are some moments that stuck out.  I'll be sure to use my iPhone next time for better quality (yikes!).

Old movie posters for the win.  Am I right or am I right?

Green the Gap!  Such a fantastic concept.  They take old scrap fabrics from waste factories, old tetra packs, scrap rubber from wasted car and truck tires... and they make AWESOME products like wallets, table coasters, pencil cases and laptop bags.  Ingenious South Asian awesomeness.  We're smarter than we think.  This company is switched ON!

Obviously the bag that you walk out with is made from old newspapers.  The headlines were hilarious btw.

A good day.

I see you.

Good name.

Good vibe.

Good view. Good presentation. Medium (at best) food.

Tulsi tea, in the cutest little tea shop I've ever seen.  Word to Ella. 

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