Vintage Bollywood Glam by Amna Hakim

One of the benefits (read: the only benefit) of having the flu, is being able to catch up on all of the incredible blogs that you've been slacking on.  I just caught this post over at Dreamers

If you've followed this blog at all, you know we LOVE vintage bollywood.  Amna Hakim and the team here did a great job at resurrecting an incredible era of fashion.  This project has #SareeSwag written all over it.

After watching the amazing First Kiss Films video above, be sure to click here, for more pics and a full list of vendors that took part in this awesome shoot! 

I love where this industry is headed :)


Gucci X NorBlack NorWhite

Our Sisters at NorBlack NorWhite got hailed up like the Queens they are, by none other than Gucci's Creative Director, Frida Giannini.  Huge news for my homegirls, who are overflowing with talent, and still make me laugh until things come out of my nose.  Love!


Saree Swag | LIFE Magazine

I really love all of these shots that LIFE magazine took in India (last century!).  Can't wait for #SareeSwag to sweep the world.  It's only a matter of time. :)


How to tie a Saree (Instructional Art)

I've always been fond of instructo-art.  Here's one for tying a saree.  Click here to see the picture a bit bigger.  I'm really curious to see who rocks a saree to a business meeting first.  You, or RiRi?  :p



How to Wear a Saree (1928)

#SareeSwag from 1928.  The saree is clearly the most versatile wardrobe item ever created.  If you rock a Saree at work, please email us a picture.  We'll be best friends forever!