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CTC West | New Sarees | #sareeswag




CTC West | Anarkhali Suit Swag

Got weddings? We got suits! We only made 10 of these pieces (SWAG :p).  We've got 5 left.



CTC West | Bridesmaids Sarees

CTC West Bridesmaids Sarees.  These georgette sarees can be created in any colour under the rainbow (aka the Neelam Thread Chart :P).  Silver or Gold accents are both options as well.  #SareeSwag #TeamBridalParty


Vintage Bollywood Glam by Amna Hakim

One of the benefits (read: the only benefit) of having the flu, is being able to catch up on all of the incredible blogs that you've been slacking on.  I just caught this post over at Dreamers

If you've followed this blog at all, you know we LOVE vintage bollywood.  Amna Hakim and the team here did a great job at resurrecting an incredible era of fashion.  This project has #SareeSwag written all over it.

After watching the amazing First Kiss Films video above, be sure to click here, for more pics and a full list of vendors that took part in this awesome shoot! 

I love where this industry is headed :)


Saree Swag | LIFE Magazine

I really love all of these shots that LIFE magazine took in India (last century!).  Can't wait for #SareeSwag to sweep the world.  It's only a matter of time. :)